Multiple Myeloma

What is Multiple Myeloma?

  • Also known as Kahler's Disease

    It's a type of blood cancer. There's currently no cure, but treatments can slow its spread and sometimes make symptoms go away.

  • Too Many White Blood Cells

    White blood cells (plasma cells) make antibodies to fight off infections in the body. In the case of Multiple Myeloma, these cells multiply the wrong way by allowing too much protein into the bones and blood. This results in a buildup in the body that can damage organs.

  • Lytic Lesions

    These plasma cells crowd out regular blood cells in the bones. They also send out chemicals that trigger other cells to eat away at bones. These weakened areas in the bones are called Lytic Lesions.

  • Common Symptoms Can Include:

    Bone pain (often in the back or ribs), Fractures, Weakness or Fatigue, Weight Loss, Frequent Infections and Fevers, Extreme Thirst, Frequent Urination

Multiple Myeloma = Compromised Immune System

Ultimately, Multiple Myeloma weakens the immune system and compromises its efficacy to fight off disease and infection. Unfortunately, Multiple Myeloma is more of a rare form of cancer affecting roughly fewer than 200,000 per year in the United States.

This is why raising awareness about Multiple Myeloma is so critical, especially during the global pandemic. We have people among us with this form of cancer that may not always display the outward signs of battling cancer, they feel it in their bodies daily, and the threat of infection or disease looms prevalently. 

To learn more about Multiple Myeloma, its causes, symptoms, and treatment, please follow the link below to the CDC website.

What is The Collide Church doing about it?

Multiple Myeloma

Fundraising Event

To raise money for Multiple Myeloma research, we're proud to participate in a DoubleGood online fundraiser.
We get to raise funds and awareness for Multiple Myeloma. You get a sweet treat of your choice for giving. It's always a great day for popcorn!

See the link below to order your popcorn now!

Double Good Popcorn