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Kyle E. Lott

Financial Management

Kyle E. Lott has a passion for personal financial management that is established with Biblical principles, cooperate insight, and wisdom gleaned from 10+ years of experience in the marketplace.  It’s rooted in a desire to see generational freedom through the equipping, edification, and encouragement of hearts.   He has consulted CEOs, CFOs, Hedge Fund Managers, and many other business leaders across the globe in a variety of monetary disciplines.  Kyle is also a Realizing Your Potential alum and former mentor.  His penchant for sound financial principles and discipline has allowed him to lead various workshops with youth including Berea’s Boys2Men.  Kyle teaches Kingdom Financial Principles at the Church on the North Coast where he is also a campus pastor.  He and his wife of 11 years, Amanda, live in Berea, Ohio with their three sons, Oscar, Elliot, and Max.  Together, their heart is to serve in the Kingdom of Heaven by committing their gifts to the work of the Lord Jesus Christ.    

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